As a reputable locally owned and operated moving and storage company. The Moving Doctor has two Long Island locations; Union Avenue in Ronkonkoma and Skyline Drive in Plainview, to ensure fast and easy access to all of our customers.
We provide Long Island and moving and storage services daily; whether you need a Suffolk moving company, Nassau moving company, or moving services from Famingdale to Farmingville, Melville to Manorville, Great Neck to Lloyds Neck or anywhere from Suffolk County east end to western Nassau.

The Moving Doctor is your Long Island moving company with the service rating and reputation you need and demand from the moving and storage industry. 
The Moving Doctor also has a Queens location which makes moving easier if you are moving to anywhere in the five boroughs from Long Island or from any of the five boroughs to Long Island, we service our long distance moving customers, wherever they need to move from Long Island to Florida, Long Island to California and all states in between.
The Moving Doctor is a locally owned and operated moving company that was built by movers with over 200 years of combined experience who are still running the every day operation. 

As a reputable moving and storage company we are proud members of:

LIMSA – Long Island Moving and Storage Association 
 AMSA – American Moving and Storage Association 
 New York State Movers and Warehousemen’s Association 
 BBB – New York City Better Business Bureau (A+ rating) 
 BBB – Long Island Better Business Bureau (A+ rating)

If you are planning a local move from Long Island to another Long Island location or moving long distance to another state, let one of our moving professionals come to your home or business to give you an accurate free moving estimate. The Moving Doctor will move you with the best professional, stress-free moving services that the moving and storage industry has to offer.


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Suffolk County Movers

Moving isn’t necessarily a stressful event, but packing up an entire house or business and transporting everything from one location to another can be a time and energy consuming hassle. Why bother with it when The Moving Doctor is on duty for Suffolk County and other NY communities?

Who is The Moving Doctor?
For more than 22 years, The Moving Doctor has packed and moved residential and commercial properties in Suffolk County NY and surrounding areas. As full service Suffolk County moving company, we also offer options to house your documents and specialty services such as exhibits and customized packaging. Whether it’s local, long distance or international, we can get your belongings where they need to be. One quick call to 888 515-6683 is all it takes to get you packed and ready to move.

Local Movers
Whether you’re moving from Islip to Shelter Island or anywhere else in Suffolk County or on Long Island, NY local moves are a breeze for us to handle. We are a licensed & insured moving business with an excellent reputation. Our team can properly pack your belongings, including furniture, fine art and large items like pianos. If you prefer to pack your own things, we’ve got all the boxes you need. No time or interest in unpacking once the move is complete? Our movers can handle that for you. When we move you, each item is properly marked and tracked, which lets us know where everything belongs. If you’re making a move, call us at 888 515-6683.

Residential Movers
Residential-MovesSuccessful moves require planning and preparation, something a licensed & insured moving business does well. Instead of treating each residential client the same as all others who are relocating, we assess each one individually to determine the best strategies and alternatives. Our residential moving service packs and transports from Nassau County to Suffolk County, from New York City and all five boroughs, and from Long Island’s North Shore and South Shore to many other local places. If a residential relocation is in your future, our honest & friendly team is ready to assist you. Get your free quote by calling 888 515-6683.

Long Distance Movers 
One of the biggest tips for people planning to relocate is to research moving companies before hiring one. This is even more important when it comes to transporting your belongings over a long distance. The longer the distance, which is likely to include interstate travel, the more trust you have to place in the moving company. When you choose The Moving Doctor, you can trust that we have the experience, skills and customer service to make your interstate transport a hassle free one.

• We are licensed & insured movers.
• Our staff is professional and skilled, and we are expert movers.
• We operate at the highest service level and have a great reputation to prove it.
• Our equipment is state-of-the-art and our facilities include advanced technology.
• Our promise to customers is a quality move that is quick, efficient, safe and economical.

Commercial Relocation
Businesses sometimes need a new place just like people. Maybe the company has outgrown its current place and is moving into larger digs. The Moving Doctor can take your company there. Sometimes the current business location is fine, but there’s just too much stuff for the available space. Whether it’s moving furniture, documents or the entire business, it’s easy to do with our skilled team of movers. Call us at 800 515-6683 to get your free quote. We’ll come to you and see what you need moved, give you that quote and get you set up for transport. Going from one place in Suffolk County to another or a place in New- York or a multitude of other locations, you can depend on us to give you a high quality moving experience. We are licensed & insured, reliable and waiting to serve your needs.

Going international? Our moving company can handle these transports as well as local ones. In fact, it’s one of our specialties. This type of relocation is more complex than one across town, across New- York or across the nation. Fortunately, we understand the ins and outs of international packing and relocation and of shipping household goods and furniture worldwide by using ocean containers. Our clients can relax because we know how to handle loading at the export warehouses, self-pack overseas relocation and everything need for the trip. Here are the five steps used when moving overseas or relocating internationally.

1. Start by checking customs regulations and import duties in the country where you plan to go.
2. Call us at 800 515-6683 and request a quote.
3. Get things together for transport and make an itemized packing list.
4. Book international shipment and organize arrangements.
5. Check with the port agent in the destination country about the arrival of the ship carrying your belongings.


Suffolk County Movers

Special Moving Options
Because of skill and expertise in this area, our moving company can handle traditional and non-traditional transports, and we provide services for everything that goes along with a relocation.

• Free in-home estimate for Suffolk County and other areas
• Packing and moving materials
• Special circumstance moving; estate; foreclosure; eviction; senior citizen; emergency; and last minute relocation
• Warehouse storage and delivery
• Furniture delivery service
• Trade show services; making sure exhibitor materials arrive and depart on time and in the right condition

Need to Make Space?
storageBecause the Moving Doctor is a full service moving company, we have options for our client’s that need to free up some space. If you’re looking for a place to store your belongings long term or you just need a spot to hold things for a short time until you get into a new residence, let us help. Commercial items are housed when your business is moving to a different location or you just need to store extra property. Trust that all of your belongings are safe and sound in our state-of-the-art facilities, which are fireproof and climate controlled.

Here’s what happens when you choose our moving company to house your belongings in Suffolk County. We inventory everything, check its condition and put it in a report before we leave your residence or business. You get a copy of the report immediately. After that, your belongings are padded with polyester-cotton quilts and place in a sanitized vault. Your vault is sealed and sent to our facility until you’re ready for it again. With our computer tracking system, we always know exactly where your things are located. Here’s a little more of what we do.

• Each item is inspected for signs of visible damage. We uncrate anything that needs uncrating for safer transport and delivery.
• Once we receive the items, we make sure they match the packing documents and log them into our system.
• We handle assembly and disassembly.
• We handle deliveries near and far.
• Facilities with fire and theft security..
• We provide the finest control system available for warehouse distribution.
• We repacked, remarked and relabeled.
• The Moving Doctor’s services include restoration and repair.

Do you need S.I.T.? That’s storage in transit, and it comes in handy for people who only need to store their belongings for a few days. If you find yourself in that situation, one quick call to 800 515-6683, and our moving company can take care of you. Our professional, honest & friendly crew picks up your things in Suffolk County or elsewhere, and we keep them on our truck, which is parked inside our secure facility until you’re ready to take them back.

Full service for us includes shredding and storing documents. Not only do we have the facilities to keep your files and documents, when you’re ready to get rid of them, we’re equipped to handle that as well. American Document Storage and Shredding, a division of The Moving Doctor, helps you eliminate old and unwanted paperwork. Here’s what we offer.

• We bring cartons to you to pack your documents and then take them to our facility to store and/or shred.
• File and barcode storage
• Scanning services
• Web access inventory
• Same day delivery for record storage

Ready to Go?

Call us today at 800 515-6683 to get you packed and prepared to leave Suffolk County or another location. Or, contact us if you need help unpacking, housing your documents or shredding them. As a reliable, full service company, our goal is to give you what you need, so call us today.

Suffolk County Movers

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