The Moving Doctor is a fully licensed and insured residential and commercial Long Island moving company.  
The Moving Doctor
 is licensed by the NYS DOT. The Moving Doctor provides professional Long Island office movers, house movers and piano movers. We also offer packing services.  Our movers are experienced and take extreme care when preparing your items to be moved.

The Moving Doctor offers secure Long Island storage facilities at reasonable rates for all of your storage needs (long term storage, short term storage, corporate storage and residential storage). We provide free estimates, both on-site and over the phone and can assist you with all your moving supplies, such as wrapping and packing materials, moving boxes and wardrobes.

As a reputable moving and storage company we are proud members of:

 LIMSA – Long Island Moving and Storage Association 
 AMSA – American Moving and Storage Association 
 New York State Movers and Warehousemen’s Association 
 BBB – New York City Better Business Bureau (A+ rating) 
 BBB – Long Island Better Business Bureau (A+ rating)


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The Moving Doctor: Your Best Choice For Relocation Services in Long Island!
A Trusted Moving Company in NY

Do you expect to relocate soon? Will you move from one home in Long Island to another? Or do you plan on making an interstate or other long distance relocation? For moves of every distance, consider selecting The Moving Doctor as your first choice for a dependable moving company. Our competitive rates and excellent service help households and businesses enjoy more carefree relocations!

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Visit our website at https://movingdr.com to access a lot of useful information. We’ll help you plan your next change of address. Whether you expect to undertake a local move or an international relocation, our reliable moving company can help. We offer many different services for your convenience. Consider placing our 800 515-6683telephone number on your cell phone’s speed dial. You’ll possess the ability to call us 24/7 whenever you need assistance from Long Island’s full service movers. 

Licensed & Insured Moving

We offer fully licensed & insured moving services for customers considering residential or commercial relocations of every scope. Even transferring personal household belongings and heavy furniture from one apartment to another in the same building complex in the New- York and Long Island area sometimes strikes customers as stressful. We’ll help you obtain a smoother, much easier relocation! Our licensed & insured company understands every detail of the moving process. As residents of the Greater Long Island Area, we possess intimate familiarity with local roadway and travel conditions. Just call us at 800 515-6683 to request our assistance. 
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Call 800 515-6683 to Request Secure Packing Services

Whether you plan a local or an international relocation, you’ve probably wondered about the best way to pack and transport some items. Do you need assistance packing fine glassware or china sets, or delicate musical instruments? Or have you had trouble deciding how to secure antique furniture in a storage container safely before embarking on a long distance move? Our licensed & insured team offers valuable packing services. We’ll help you move everything in your home correctly, including heavy, fragile, or bulky items. Our professional packers have assisted numerous residential and commercial customers with this process in the past. They’ll help you enjoy a seamless relocation, too.

Enjoy Honest & Friendly Service

Our customers appreciate our team’s honest & friendly service. We rely on experienced, skilled personnel. Whether you seek full service from a moving company, or simply partial assistance to ease a DIY relocation, you can count on us to supply courteous, fast help. Our moving trucks transport customer belongings across Long Island and throughout the United States. We hope you’ll consider hiring us to assist you during your next local, interstate or international relocation.

Call 800 515-6683 Whenever You Require Storage Services

The Moving Doctor supplies yet another critically important service for customers contemplating relocation. Did you know, our Long Island moving company also furnishes warehousing and distribution assistance? We’ll collect your packed items in our truck, store these belongings for variable periods of time, then deliver them to a designated location on your behalf. If you know you’ll relocate to a new community, but you have not yet located a permanent residence there, this service provides essential assistance. Search for a house or an apartment with greater peace of mind, knowing our movers will retrieve your personal belongings from storage and deliver them to you whenever you find the property you prefer. We’ll work closely with your real estate broker or agent to help make your transition into a new home as carefree as possible.

Three Offices in Long Island

With three company offices in Long Island alone, The Moving Doctor offers excellent resources if you plan a relocation in the New- York Area. We supply skilled unpacking services, too. Many companies prefer this assistance during a business relocation. For instance, you can close down your office in one commercial building early one afternoon and relocate seamlessly to your new site, fully prepared to welcome customers the next day. Hiring us as your relocation experts offers a simple way to conduct a complex commercial move. We’ll help pack, transport, and unpack your entire enterprise to help minimize costly (and needless) business disruptions. Our planning and unpacking services assist residential and commercial customers across Long Island and NY.

Obtain Moving Company Services On Demand

Our firm also offers a number of special moving company services of interest to customers in emergency situations. Do you require a mover on short notice to assist you during an eviction or a sudden, unexpected job transfer? We offer several services designed to help customers in these unusual situations. Schedule all the packing, transportation, storage, and unpacking assistance your require on very short notice. If you need to transport an estate quickly to an auction facility, you can depend upon us for prompt service. We remain available 24/7 whenever you seek reliable, skilled NY movers.

Assisting Seniors During Relocations

Our company also provides comprehensive moving assistance to seniors as they transition from one residence to another. Sometimes, the process of moving from an apartment or house into a senior living community seems overwhelming. An elderly couple may find the task of securing a lifetime of belongings on schedule for this type of relocation simply too daunting to complete effectively. If you need assistance packing, transporting, storing, or unpacking items in this situation, simply give us a call at 800 515-6683. We’ll try and help you meet moving deadlines on schedule without stress! 

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We think you’ll consider our rates surprisingly competitive! Today many Long Island movers charge customers a lot of money for every relocation. You can select full service from The Moving Doctor, or simply choose specific moving services you need. Get your free quote now to help plan your next transition from one residence to another. Our movers help customers tackle projects large and small. Whether you need our assistance transporting a heavy piano from your apartment to a downtown New York City address for an important recital, or you’d like our help moving all your household belongings overseas, we supply experienced, friendly assistance! Simply call 800 515-6683 to request your free quotation for moving services. 

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Every day, customers ask our movers to help them undertake business and residential relocations. We know Long Island and the Greater New York City Area very well. Let us help you enjoy the smoothest, most carefree relocation possible!